Strategic Icon Definitions

Competitive Landscape

A Competitive Landscape identifies direct or indirect competitors in relation to your organisation in order to assess how you can maintain competitive advantage.  At the same time, it gives a summary of competitors mission, vision, core values, niche market, strengths and weaknesses.

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organisations. These shared values have a strong influence on the people in the organisation and dictate how they dress, act, and perform their jobs.  Occasionally it is important to review and change aspects of the corporate culture that are becoming counterproductive.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a methodology for innovation used by designers to solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions for clients.  A design mindset is not problem-focused, it’s user focused and solution focused and action oriented towards creating a preferred future.


We aim to always deliver documents that are clear, concise, accurate and condensed to its essence.  It is much easier to generate a 200 page report than a 20 page report that adheres to our standard of clarity, conciseness, accuracy, and being condensed to the essence of the matter.  We believe the value in what we deliver can be applied so much better if the client gets the digested short version.  “Simplicity is the Key to Brilliance” ~ Bruce Lee

Future Trends

Business Leaders leaders today need critical knowledge about emerging Future Trends affecting their organisations.  Leaders must learn to navigate real-time change – whether that change comes from competitors, customers, technology or global economic factors.   An understanding of key Future Trends will drive opportunity for growth and better strategic planning and investment.


A growth company is any company whose organisation generates significant positive cash flows or earnings, which increase at significantly faster rates than the overall economy.   Business growth can be achieved either by boosting the top line or revenue of the organisation with greater product sales or service income, or by increasing the bottom line or profitability of the operation by minimizing costs.


A business Idea is an innovative and unique concept that can be used for financial gain that is usually centered on a product or service that can be offered for money.  We do the groundwork to turn the idea into a tangible reality.


Innovation generally refers to changing processes or creating more effective processes, implementing new ideas, and creating dynamic products or improving existing services.


Invention is about making a new thing, or finding new ways of making things that can add value to a business. Innovation involves bringing this new idea to the market, by turning an invention into a product or service.   An idea that has practical and commercial potential to become a marketable product is an Invention.   Innovation is generally required to take an Invention to the market.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a tool used externally companies to measure quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services.  At the office we  all squabble over the mystery shopping assignments – they are always interesting and it is invariably great fun to shop for a living!

Strategic Roadmap

A Strategic Roadmap is a framework for guiding the mobilization of an business around its strategic plan.  Companies generally spend a great deal of time and resources on developing a great strategy, but occasionally neglect to work out how the strategy is to be implemented.  It is unwise to believe that a well-defined organisation strategy will implement itself.

Strategic Direction

The word “strategy” is derived from the Greek word “stratçgos”; stratus (meaning army) and “ago” (meaning leading/moving).   Strategic Direction is a course of action that informs all the role-players in a business how they should move forward and leads to the achievement of the goals of the business strategy.

Strategic Game Plan

A Strategic Game Plan a carefully thought-out course of action, that like in sport, changes with the times, and sometimes in the moment to ensure overall strategic objectives are met despite dynamic day to day changes.

Target Setting

Target Setting is a strategic process to establish performance goals by deciding what you want to accomplish and devising a plan to achieve the result you desire.  For each goal we start with establishing a measurable baseline and agree on the target.


User Experience (UX) refers to a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service.  In terms of IT systems it includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership.  Additionally, it includes a person’s perceptions of system aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency.

Operational Icons
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