Unallocated Billing

About This Project


Large Metro Electricity Supply Division


5 days


Large Metro in South Africa called GapResolve with unallocated billings totalling around US$76 million (meter readings supplied by meter reading contractors that could not be allocated to any accounts on the municipal SAP billing system and therefore the money could not be billed to a customer.


Investigation revealed a training and process understanding problem with around 80 central data processing clerks that did not understand the difference between processing a yellow form (new meter supplied to new customer) and a pink form (new meter replacing existing meter with existing customer) on the SAP system hence replacement meter numbers were never updated on a client’s record on SAP.  An experiential training intervention was held for 80 data clerks, laminated quick guides was produced for data clerks to see how they should capture each form.  Overtime as approved and temps were engaged to reprocess 7 Metrofile truckloads of stored pink forms.  Within 5 working days $45 million of unallocated billings were billed.  In the end about $64 million were billed and in the region of $49 million was recovered.


$  49 392 097.26