Fuel Pilferage

About This Project


Large Industrial Chemicals Manufacturer


4 days


Small scale pilferage and under delivery of fuel to plant.  Company could not understand why they constantly consumed between 1000-2000 litres of fuel less per week than was delivered and invoiced by fuel depot.    Thousands was spent on replacing plant fuel meters that was suspected to be faulty.  Investigation found pilferage on mainly after hours and weekend deliveries.  Drivers would collect fuel from fuel depot.  En route they would stop and use similar a 50l plastic water container to decant and sell fuel to third party small business owner for cash.  They would fill up water 2-3 x 50l plastic water containers that were stored in empty metal toolbox under fuel trailer or in cabin in horse.  They would weigh in on arrival with correct cargo weight, ask plant workers if they could fill up their water containers at the tap while the fuel was being pumped out.  Instead of filling they emptied their water bottles.  They exited the weighbridge with the second reading indicating that the correct amount of fuel was delivered.


Logistics company was sued for damages, drivers were dismissed, criminal charges laid against buyer of pilfered fuel, weighbridge and security staff were trained and receiving checks and processes improved.  Fuel company agreed to fix numbered company supplied security tags to fuel trailer nozzle on dispatch to prevent reoccurrence of pilferage scam.  Annualised saving of around US$72 000 on the value of pilfered fuel.


$ 72 188.45